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Department of Consumer and Business Services

Proof of Coverage Search

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This search page includes workers’ compensation
insurance proof of coverage for carrier-insured,
self-insured, and worker leasing.

You can use the insurer phone number displayed to call the insurer to learn of claims processing locations. The coverage information reported to the department does not include claims processing locations. Because insurers can have multiple processing locations, they or their covered employers are in the best position to provide accurate claims processing location information.
  1. If your search is unsuccessful, you should first check directly with the employer. WCD may also provide assistance:
    E-mail: Employer Compliance Unit
    Phone: (503) 947-7814
    Fax: (503) 947-7718
  2. If you find errors in the data, contact the insurance company or your agent directly.
  3. If you have information that establishes evidence of employment without evidence of coverage, contact the Employer Compliance Unit.

Search hints:
  • The search return is proof of coverage for carrier-insured, self-insured, or worker leasing arrangements. Self-insurance was added in October 2011, eliminating the need for a separate search for that coverage and worker-leasing coverage is also included in the same search form.
  • The search tool is sensitive to exact spelling, based on the spelling used by the insurer, and considers only whole words. If you are unsure of a spelling or just want to search quickly, start the word and then use a % sign as a wild card to complete the word. The % symbol must be the last entry if you are using it as a wild card for any particular word.
  • First, try searching with fewer words of the employer's legal name (perhaps just one unique word or portion of a word ending in a % symbol).
  • If the screen shows too many results, then add another element such as the city or one known piece of the street address (even just the address number without the street name).
  • If the results are still too many, add another data element.
  • If you use the back arrow to get back to the search page, click on the "Reset Search Fields" button to clear the form.
Shortcut to this site: WorkCompCoverage.wcd.oregon.gov