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Department of Consumer and Business Services

Date Calculator Tool

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The unavailable dates you provide will be honored whenever possible, especially when resetting postponed cases. However, when a new request for hearing is received, WCB is required by law to schedule it within 90 days, so it will be scheduled within that time frame even if it conflicts with an attorney's vacation. To avoid that happening, estimate 80-90 days ahead, which is when the case probably will be set. If the attorney is going to be unavailable during that time window, try (consistent with statutory timelines) to send the request for hearing in sooner, or later, to avoid the conflict. For instance, if a request for hearing is received on July 10, the case probably will be set between September 28 and October 8. If the attorney is going to be unavailable from Oct. 5 through Oct. 15, the request should be received before July 7 or after July 17, if possible.